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Hello, I'm
Mojtaba Rahbari

Project Lead, Senior Developer and Analyst.

Project Lead, Senior Developer and Analyst.

About me

Professional Profile

Every point in our lives is the result of all the steps taken before (planned and otherwise), as well as the countless influences of the people and places we encountered on our journey.

In 2003, I began working on a private company (ACAco) as a middle programmer for various customers and very soon shifted to building some modern CMS for businesses, organizations and specially universities.

I spend my days with my hands in many different areas of full-stack development from back-end programming (JAVA, PHP, Python, Ruby) and web strategy consultation to local businesses, professionals and strongly banking products implementation.

I’m extremely passionate about web development and analytics in all it’s forms and helping big businesses and improve their online presence. Aside from web development, I enjoy spending my time with my wife, traveling, taking photos and willing to learn and researching too.

  • Name: Mojtaba Rahbari
  • Email: info[at]mojtabarahbari.ir
  • Phone: +98(912)513 7402
  • Date of birth: 09 December 1980
  • Address: Hafte Tir Sq, Tehran-Iran.
  • Nationality: Iranian

My Skills

Just My Awesome Skills

Since my start in web development in 2003, I've amassed a skill set that allows me to serve clients in a wide range of domains. Below is a list of some skills. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to give a general indication of the ground I'm familiar with.

Web Development

Advanced, Over 16 years

Project Manager &
Team Lead

Advanced, 8 years

Core Banking Development

Advanced, 6 years

Architect & Analyst

Expert, 5 years


  • Core Banking Technical Specialist and Developer (T24 Core Banking solution)
  • Senior PHP Developer with Laravel and Yii Framework (10+ Years PHP development experience).
  • Senior Java Developer(5+ Years Java development experience).
  • Making test plans and creating test scripts. Experienced on Unit Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Design and implement core features of the production website.
  • Build infrastructure to support various external features and other units of the business.
  • Strong knowledge about system performance and proactively make changes to make the platform better.
  • Strong knowledge of databases and SQL (preferably MySQL)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Determine and strategize ways to operate more efficiently, like optimizing our inventory and shipping algorithms.
  • Able to Arrange, coordinate and pursue activities of project.
  • Able to train project staffs in PHP and java languages based on their most popular

Language Skills

English Experienced
Persian(mother tongue)


Over 12 Years Experience!

With many years experience in Web development, Banking software development, business and marketing I have all the skills needed to create successful and effective system, just ask my clients

InfoTech International Co
(Etellat Fanavari Jahani Pars)

Core Banking Technical Specialist and Developer

Since July 2010– Till Date
  • Developing and implementing of T24 Applications for Iranian model bank. (Customers, Accounts, Fund Transfer, Teller, Deal slip, Pass Book, Collateral and Limits, Loans and Deposits).
  • Involved in T-Insight Customization (Business Intelligence and analytics software of Temenos).
  • Internet and mobile banking Implementation/Customization.
  • Data Migration Assistance for SATA Institute.
  • Involved in developing Complex No-File Enquiries, Versions routines, Close of Business (COB) Routines, Multi-threaded COB routines and pre-batch routines, OFS routines and Services.
  • Local Development (Local Reference and Alternate Keys).
  • Multi Book / Single Company & Document Management.
  • Analyzing the business requirement and transforming into Business Requirement Specification document and Functional Requirements Specification.
Dadeh Pardazan Maham Pishro Co

Team Lead, Senior Programmer and Trainer

Since Jan 2011– Till Date
  • UCMS.2 implementation for International universities based on Yii framework.
  • TCMS implementation for Comprehensive system of Teachers based on Yii framework.
  • MCMS implementation for Pharmaceutical and Medical Distribution Companies based on Yii framework.
  • Advanced and Specialized Training Courses for PHP language based on Yii framework.
Architects of Communications Age Co(ACAco)

Project Lead, Senior Programmer and Analyst

March 2002- Jun 2010(7 years 4 months)
  • Founder and Core developer of ACA framework.
  • UCMS.1 implementation for local universities based on ACA framework.
  • Web based System/Project management software.
  • Web based Intelligent News System.
  • Advanced and Specialized Training Courses for Faculty members in Tehran and Tabriz universities.
  • Development and implementation more than 35 web based system based on ACA framework.


Tehran Shomal Islamic Azad University (TIAU), Tehran-Iran

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

2005 - 2008
Isfahan Islamic Azad University (TIAU), Isfahan-Iran.

Associate of Science in Computer Science

1998 - 2000


Let's Keep In Touch

I want you to feel free to call me or send me your E-mail so I can support you with all your IT needs.

Mojtaba Rahbari
Hafte Tir Sq, Tehran-Iran.
+98(912)513 7402

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Mojtaba Rahbari

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